Sunday, May 13, 2007

Nambucca Valley Christmas

Oil on Canvas,
January 2007
90cm W x 60cm H

9:00 pm

9:00pm is the time that belongs to ourselves. The quiet and cool of the night settles over you. Time to dream, time to relax, time to create...
Oil on Canvas, 80cmw x 60cmh, SOLD

Monday, October 23, 2006

Ladies Day At The Bathes - Detail

Oil on Canvas. Complete painting 30cm x 125cm. $650

Summer Wine

Oil on Canvas,

30cm x 120cm


The Bather 2

Oil on Canvas. 35cm x 25cm. Sold

The Bather

Oil on Cavas. 35cm x 25cm. $85

The Ballet School

Oil on Canvas. 40cm x 120cm. $750

Fly Me To The Moon

Oil on Canvas. 80cm x 60cm. $450

Morning Glory

Oil on Canvas. 60cm x 80cm. Sold